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Network Media Founder and CEO Rick Lax has the answers.

What does Network Media do?

Network Media is a community of talented entertainers building successful careers as content creators on social media. Our team of experts and likeminded creators teach you how to make videos that overperform using unique training methods. We help you get monetized, keep your pages healthy and growing, provide real-time data and revenue-boosting content tips, and solve platform challenges you may experience along the way.While creators from around the country can work with Network Media and produce content wherever they’re located, our studios in Las Vegas provide our community with a variety of sets, costumes, props, and more to use in their videos. We also host local events to foster collaboration, and regular Notes Night workshops, where we dive deep into performance insights and analytics to teach creators how to make the most money possible from their content. Every member, no matter their location, has free, unlimited access to the studio and our in-person workshops in Las Vegas, and are encouraged to travel in and join us as often as they can.

How do I generate money through Network Media?

Network Media will set up social media pages on your behalf and help you build an audience through continuous support and training. You create videos following our expert methods, and then publish them on your page. We manage your page, help you monetize it, and share in the revenue that’s generated from your content.

How much money can I make?

There are many Network Media creators that make $50K or more every month. But it doesn’t happen overnight. First, you have to build, scale, and monetize the page, which can take 6 months or even longer. While it does take time, this growth rate is much faster than if you were to try to do it all on your own.

How does Network Media make money?

We operate on a profit-sharing model. When the videos you post generate revenue from in-stream advertising, we receive a minority portion of the earnings. Our profit-share model is designed to consider the value that we bring to the table: education, knowledge sharing, community, studio, workshops, support, and so much more. There is no fee to join and there is no subscription cost. We only make money when you make money, and you get to keep the majority of your earnings.

How much work does it take to become successful?

Being a content creator is a fun and flexible career. You can work from home and even make your own hours. However, success on social media doesn’t come easy, as it requires serious commitment, hard work, and dedication.Social platforms reward frequent, consistent posting, so creators need to be prepared to produce and publish a high volume of videos. While the content is powered by creativity, there’s also a science behind what makes a video go viral. You’ll need to dive deep into your analytics, incorporate learnings, and be open to trying new things in order to create the best possible content. Our team of experts will teach you how to create engaging videos, maintain your page health, nurture your community, and analyze performance to inform your future content strategy.

How do I choose what type of videos to create?

Many creators tap into their unique skill sets like acting, comedy, magic, stunts, acrobatics, or sports. For others, we help identify talents that have yet to be discovered and have the potential to go viral.If you aren’t sure where to start, we’re happy to guide you through the process to find out what niche might work for you.

Do I need a team or any equipment to create content for Network Media?

No. There are many content genres you can pursue without a team, like cooking, crafting, DIY, true crime, and reaction. As far as equipment, a phone with a good camera is all you need. You can use the sun for lighting and record audio with your built-in mic. While fancy equipment isn’t necessary, you have to be willing to do basic video editing and learn by analyzing content.

How do I know if I’m the right fit for Network Media?

Unlike other creator networks, Network Media doesn’t care about current follower counts. We’re looking for talented people who are open to trying out new things and adapting their strategy based on audience response. We want creators who have thick skins, are comfortable in front of the camera, and are motivated by wanting to make a good living by creating content. If you are interested in social media and are excited by the idea of posting regular content, analyzing performance, and working to make your page the best it can be, Network Media is the place for you.

How does the contract work?

The Network Media creator contract is simple and straightforward:You keep the copyright to your videosWe acquire a license to monetize your videos.We pay creators through a profit share model.

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